The first cocktail is "Self Cocktail 540"!

"Self Cocktail 540" was started by the owner who loves cocktail making, thinking that there is a bar where you can make your own cocktail.
I've never been to a bar, I've never had a cocktail, but I'm interested! Please use our shop.

If you are not familiar with alcohol, don't worry! The owner will also teach you cocktail recipes and how to hold and shake the shaker.
Please feel free to contact us.


Alcoholic drinks line up at our counter.
The variety of liquor, which has been increasing since its opening, ranges from standard to rare.
We also have popular BOLS series where you can enjoy various tastes, and Japanese liqueurs such as chestnuts and azuki beans that you can hardly see!
There is also a non-alcoholic syrup, so even people who can not drink alcohol can enjoy it.

The cocktails we can make are endless.
Enjoy an original cocktail made by yourself.

For various banquets! Charter available

We have not only counter seats but also table seats and sofa seats, so you can enjoy yourself even if you come to the group as a group.
You can also make a reservation outside business hours, so please feel free to contact us!

You can use it according to the number of people, such as a loft charter on the second floor for small parties and a whole floor charter for parties with a large number of people.
Please use our shop for a girls' party, a wedding party, or a launch!

5 minutes walk from Hachioji Station

Bar "Self Cocktail 540" where you can make your own original cocktail

Business hours: 17: 00 ~ 26: 00
* Sunday 17: 00-24: 00
* Temporary closures may occur. Please call for hours.